#1 Coffee House???

30 Oct

I don’t know if you have noticed or if you care, why the background image shows an empty coffee cup and this is called the Coffee House? :/

Take a minute to guess why. You probably are right or wrong… 🙂

The empty cup represents a new beginning for me and you readers. I am a junior in college and beginning my own life; as I should. So many things have changed and there many lessons that I have learned and took in stride. I’ve come a long way and trying to pursue my dreams while also trying to make my family happy. By getting good grades, staying active, being involved in the community, sharing, but then trying to find love in all the wrong places, the common error that seems to get excluded from our brains when we were young teenagers thinking that we knew best and knew life would be easier as an adult. Like every other episode of a dramatic young, “ager.” I hate to break it to you but it’s not easy. It gets hard but our parents may not understand.  I think adults forget about how hard life used to be, when they were young women and “boys”. One thing they do know is that, we don’t know as much as we think we do. But we think we do! Yes I said it. Soon the cup shall fill and I will feel whole and find myself complete and happy. I bet you will too. So this Coffee House is created to feed your mind, body, and soul. Filled with laughter, sadness, inspiration, knowledge, power, loyalty, guidance, strength and change. Be apart of filling the cup and do your best not to give up.

Bean Quota: Life is short, so live at your best and let your strive to be the best, do the rest.  Amber Patterson


4 Responses to “#1 Coffee House???”

  1. maryduranteyoutt -04002011-11-20T17:43:35+00:00302011bAmerica/New_YorkSun, 20 Nov 2011 17:43:35 +0000 30, 2011 at 08:52 PM.Nov. #

    There was a story about a cup of coffee that I once read. A professor had an empty mayonnaise jar and he filled it with golf balls. He asked his students if the jar was full. They all agreed it was, then he pour sand into the jar, filling all the gaps and again asked the class who all said yes, the jar is full. So he poured a cup of coffee and the sand absorbed it and asked the class. Yes now it is really full… Moral of the story… life is like a mayo jar, you fill it with big things in your life (work, school, family) then you add the little things, although it is full, there is always room for a cup of coffee with a friend. (I may have forgotten the exact words but you get the point).
    I met my now husband 7 years ago, we shared a cup of coffee. Every day, is a new beginning. (I was 54 when I met him, he was 62, we just celebrated our 1 year anniversary 😉
    Life is good and always should be lived to the fullest.

    • amberpat -04002011-11-22T16:39:41+00:00302011bAmerica/New_YorkTue, 22 Nov 2011 16:39:41 +0000 30, 2011 at 08:52 PM.Nov. #

      Thank you Mary, that was also a great story.

  2. 50fifty50 -04002011-12-11T17:37:16+00:00312011bAmerica/New_YorkSun, 11 Dec 2011 17:37:16 +0000 30, 2011 at 08:52 PM.Dec. #

    Ah this is interesting, my blog is quite similar to this one. In the way that i’m a young guy also blogging about my experiences.
    The different is, i’m from across the water! An Englishman..

    Will be starting a blog roll tomorrow, i’ll happily place you on there.

    • amberpat -04002011-12-11T19:01:49+00:00312011bAmerica/New_YorkSun, 11 Dec 2011 19:01:49 +0000 30, 2011 at 08:52 PM.Dec. #

      That is awsome. I would love to be apart of your blog roll its interesting getting a male and female point of view. Thank you for your support.

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