Important Announcement: KONY 2012 Awareness

8 Mar

Hello Readers,

The kony 2012 is an epic movement that has quickly been passed around all over the world. The campaign is run by Invisible Children, which is a nonprofit organization in San Diego. This movement is to stop the criminal in Uganda, named Joseph Kony from continuing to sexual abuse, torture and corrupt thousands of young children in Africa. This consistent destruction of youth and threat of children’s security needs to End!

It is 2012 and we need to become a Unity and Stop this treachery. I am supporting this campaign because this fight will not only affect the lives in Uganda but the entire world. If we can bring together a nation of people from Asia, Mexico, America, Africa, etc. We can make a tremendous difference in the future we provide for the new generation of families, friends, co-workers, as well as securing our surroundings.

Below is a website that will provide more information about the Kony 2012 and give you an experience you have never had. Pay Attention! Be apart of this life changing campaign.

Kony 2012 video:

 Joseph Kony and Child soldiers of the Lord’s Resistance Army

Joseph Kony has kept children hostage for 20 years in Uganda. He has also captured children from South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic. Kony’s destruction caused 2 million people to flee their villages and homesteads in Acholi and Lango areas in Uganda. He enslaved 35,000 or more children during the course of 2 decades. Kony has slashed, and burned villages. He has also killed, rapped, kidnapped, and tortured children and families. He tortured people to keep them in fear of him by cutting certain parts of the body. He is also known to capture young women and claim them as wives. He rapes, impregnated and beats these women in to submission. Among all of the damage and terror he has caused, we have the power to stop Joseph Kony. To read more about Kony,

Celebrities Raising Awareness!


Make Donations!


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    Be thine own palace, or the world’s thy jail. John Donne

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