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Woke up and thought to myself………..

30 Apr

I woke up this morning and thought to myself….

I CANT BELIEVE I AM GOING TO BE 21 YEARS OLD. This is crazy! I know I have my entire life ahead of me but turning 21 is a big step. Culturally and Socially it’s considered to be the age when I become an adult. At 21 I will have the freedom be do whatever I please, when I want and how I want. My parents will rely on me to be able to support myself more financially, physically, and emotionally. I mean, I know they really expecting me to cough of some money to handle some of the bills. Bills of my own of course. Ewww. I don’t know, I’m excited but nervous because a lot is going to change in the course of this year, because time is not waiting on me to figure things out and I’m not trying to hold up time.

I must admit that I have been blessed with a lot during the course of my life, which has not been a very long life, but a successful one. I’M HERE. I am excited about the journey to come. I hope that my journey is positive and healthy for me, so I grow. Though life has had its ups and downs. I have cried and weeped over some boys and made some embarrassing mistakes and had many many mood swings but at the end of the day I have grown to laugh at them and learn from my “moments.” Moments don’t last forever, unless you force it. Long story short, I’m ready to grow into a magnificent women of my own kind. The question is: IS THE WORLD READY FOR ME? 🙂

I Fear the…….

9 Apr

I fear the unknown. Not knowing what my future holds, being alone for the rest of my life, not living my life to its full potential by not accomplishing everything I imagined plus more, I don’t want to live my life not living up to my expectations of my self.  Life can often drive a person in the path of many different directions, but I hope and pray the path I follow is where I always imagined and that I am successful when I reach my destination.

Life is so short and even though I’m young I don’t want to miss out on opportunities that I need because of fear or doubt within my self. I want to be happy and happiness for me is being in love, having my great family and friends and living up to my dreams with full potential and success. I also don’t want my life to revolve around money, though it is an important aspect.  I want to inspire people around the world, anyone. I want to be a well-rounded person, A World Wide Women. This is my fear; not knowing what my future holds because I have such huge expectations for myself, sometimes I can forget to appreciate the little things and focus on the big picture, which is sometimes unrealistic or not in my hands at the moment.

“If there is a will there is a way”, which means I will overcome this fear with determination. I will by setting goals for myself and sticking to one goal at time. I try not to stress and worry my self too much by trying to over think and set goals for myself that are not relevant at the moment. At some point I stop and look around, observe where I am in life and set my goals based on what I invest my time in now. When I do my best in life and start in a specific direction that will prepare me for my future goals; by surrounding myself with the right people, the right place, the right time will come. I know I will have my moment, as long as I am surrounding myself with positive people, acknowledging my goals and accepting my self for who I am, I don’t have to live in fear because I’m taking the steps I need in order to be successful, and faith helps.

Bean Quota: Don’t ever live in fear because fear can over power the plans you have in store. Your destiny and everything you dreamed could be ready for you but you maybe just too blinded by fear, that you don’t even see it, when its staring right in front of your eyes. Then you miss out on that chance; the chance to     overcome your fears and gain power. – Amber Patterson

Men Have The Power to Make Women Look Like…..

8 Apr

What is it men have that gives them the power, to make women look like idiots?

There are so many moments, I have seen or experienced a female just completely change her character around a man, especially one they are attracted to. Wowzer! I just wish I knew why: let me guess, is it….?

  1. Energy in the room
  2. Cologne, because it’s often strong as hell
  3. Sperm
  4. The dumb look guys give when their caught
  5. The myth that it’s a mans world. NOT! Girls Run The World! Beyoncé said it.. 🙂
  6. Their muscles
  7. WHAT???

Women need to figure this out so they can avoid it because it makes our intelligent, and independent women look really bad, sorry but hard-working women need love too. It’s not always a sexual impression, maybe an intelligent conversation will charm us. 😉  

Easter Morning……

8 Apr


Easter morning was a hot mess…. WOWZER!

This morning I woke up early to go to church, not knowing the exact time I was supposed to go, I woke up anyway, assuming their was regular sunday morning church services today. Not saying I’m a religious person but I do enjoy holy wisdom every once and awhile. Well today was not my day. I also invited a friend of mine to join me, so on top of that I interrupted her sleep as well because when we got to the church that I was interested in attending for Easter, no one was there.

Our plan was to go to church this morning, then have a good sunday breakfast. No! Today we just had to be tested and everything failed us, we went all over town trying to find a church at every place we could think of. No Results. So I found out that one church had  worship at 11 p.m., but my friend was not up for that, she wanted to go to bed and I don’t blame her. Although I must admit I was bummed because I needed to go to church today, I got all dressed up in just, some of my best clothes and did my hair, silky smooth to find out that I have to wait for an 11 a.m. sunday service that I did not plan to attend.

Either way I was going to find a way to go to church. I was going to make time. So I did go to church at 11a.m. and come to find out it was not even worth the aggravation because I was not really moved by the sermon. I even left a little early because I was not moved. I mean, I kindly moved out of my seat before church ended but that’s the only movement that pew received today. Wowzer. Happy Easter to Me!


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