Lessons In Life: Learn In life Don’t Let it Break You

9 Aug

Growing teaches you a lot of important lessons about life and I can say that I have definitely learned a lot during the course of 21 years.

The important lessons I learned were to treat others with respect and how to deal with the treatment from others. Every person is different and they are not going to always do things, the way you would like things to happen. From experience there have been a lot of people and moments that have let me down. So many that I started to take that anger and frustration out on people who had nothing to do with the person that caused my attitude to change. When I took that frustration and anger out on others, it only drew them away and I may not have known but they probably questioned my character as well. Believe it or not I was not always this girl who can’t trust, with an attitude and chose to be distant from others because of the fear that trusting in someone for once would back fire. I used to be this really kind, sweet, loyal, happy, friendly person but when I was that age people took my kindness for weakness. Therefore, I had to grow some backbone but now I realize I might have grown a little too much and cut people out of my life that deserved it.  Maybe I was looking for all the wrong things in a person which is not good because those type of characters never usually follow through with anything and are not loyal. So this summer I’ve managed to take a deeper look at myself, in and out. During this process, I grew to really love and appreciate myself as a whole (body, mind, and soul).

I think it is very important as women and men to really learn to appreciate and love your self during the course of your life because it makes life much more understandable and you appreciate everything that you have. Before I used to speak it but not actually look at myself and sometimes admit, I make mistakes and I am Sorry! I am sorry for giving up. I am sorry for taking my pain out on others. I am sorry for feeling sorry for myself and not believing that there is a bigger purpose for life. I appreciate me and my life. I just pray for better days and much success to come.  🙂


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