A Message

16 Aug

I was thinking today about relationships and how much energy and time a human being invests in just one relationship. It frustrated me thinking about all of the times I invested in relationships that did not work out but I learned a lot from them along the way.

Then today I started listening to Beyoncé, “me my and I,” lyrics below:

Me myself and I, that’s all I got to till the end. That’s what I found out and it aint no need to cry cause I took a vowel that from now on I’mma be my own best friend.

It got me thinking about relationships, the existence and the distance a relationship is actually supposed to go. I’m talking about any relationship not just between a male and female, not just intimate relationships. I started thinking maybe most relationships have a purpose for the moment but are not intended to last forever.

For example: We tend to get mad or resent a person (one another) because that person just stops talking to us after a certain period of time and we are like wtf! (I didn’t do anything to you for you to ignore me the way you have been. Or I used to like this person but she has changed a lot and I think we just grew apart.) Things just don’t turn out the way we thought they would in the relationship we build together because things just simply changed between our interest and growth.

The example got me thinking we were born here alone, we are taught to sleep and eat on our own, everyone honors those who are “independent,” and self-made. Then why can’t we be happy alone. How do we as people know how to adjust to others personalities and build relationships that are long-lasting, when we are afraid to be our selves, be independent, live on our own and take care of ourselves.

My point is that maybe relationships are supposed to last for just certain moments in life. Most of the time, all you have is your self. Life is hard to deal with if you live your life trying to always satisfy everyone but You! There are certain people who you associate with  for the moment for certain reasons, that you build a relationship with but then eventually you out grow them. So be careful who you call your friends because everyone is not a friend but just a good person to associate with for the moment. In the end you meet a partner that becomes your best friend, then the love of your life because you both have a passion for something so strong that it keeps you both together forever and you build a life together based on all of the lessons that you have learned, so when the family you eventually chose to create grow up and use some of what you instill within them, also what they learn for themselves because everyone is their own person, which is why family must be so important because a piece of the members in your family is in you. Which is why the message, “me myself and I” is so important to understand. – Amber Patterson


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