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A Healthy way of living: 10 Best Ways to Stay Positive and Drama Free!

24 Mar



  1. Learn: When a situation occurs in your life that you not have control over, think of it as a lesson learned, so that it doesn’t escalate into something worse than it has to be. “In life sometimes you face obstacles that you have the choice to maneuver around.”- (Amber Patterson)
  2. Express your thoughts: It’s healthy to often write about things that go on in your day, that may have effected your mood or feelings. This helps you express things that you want to get out that may offend a person, or you may not have had the strength and opportunity to express.
  3. Knowledge is power: Know that whatever situation you are going through in the moment will get better. You will prosper because you have the strength to heal and when you can heal you prevail and get through another day. When you have knowledge of this it gives you power. You have the power to succeed amongst all things that try to STOP you.Image
  4. Listen: Listening is very hard to do for many people today because everyone thinks they have an answer or has to put up there guard to protect themselves. Often times listening is helpful. Listening to others helps open your mind to things you may not have addressed or understood. Listening provides awareness and builds successful relations.
  5. Forgiveness: This is one of the hardest things to do. Everyone wants revenge before they can forgive but all it takes is forgiveness, for your own sake. Forgive so that someone else’s anger and pain does not reflect in you.
  6. Live: Don’t be so uptight and judgmental. If you don’t like something or someone don’t surround yourself in that situation that causes you to feel negative. Search and find ways to make you Happy!! 🙂 Smile. Give a simple “Hello.”
  7. Support: This is so important to have in life. It’s also important to provide support to others.  If you don’t have support, FIND it because you need it! If your not giving support FIND something or someone to support! It can come from anybody and anywhere but it is important to have so you have faith you. It also just feels so damn good.
  8. Love and Trust: This is scary for many people to do because so many of us have been hurt, when taking the risk of love and trust . But we are human and its in our nature to feel love and build trust in a relationship whether it be with a friend or significant other. Love and trust keeps us healthy and gives us strength, because even sometimes when love fails and the trust is gone, we find the strength to go through it all over again. Often we should learn from the mistakes and experiences we faced in the past and hopeful improve upon them. Once you find the strength to love and trust again you have a short fuse when you come across the same issues that you just left and you build stronger and healthier relationships with someone worth it.
  9. Give: It’s always great to give advice, help, time, laughs, honesty, etc. Not just to receive but just cause you feel like giving. I enjoy, inspiring to be inspired.” Giving helps you find your purpose and it is not always materialistic. In fact the most effective way of giving is when its NOT materialistic.
  10. Faith: Now I am a woman of faith in God. Faith in something cures and warms the soul when you feel empty and have nothing left, faith is always there to pick you right back up. I saved the best for last because, at the end of the day when all else fails you have faith. Also, when everything is going great in your life and your hard work has paid off its because of the faith you have that got you where you are today. This is how you stay positive and drama free.

 I would love to know your thoughts and comments below.

Relationship in The Military…

20 Mar

ImageI have been recently dating the most wonderful young man I could ever have in my life. The hardest part about the relationship, is that he is in the military. In the beginning I thought, this is going to be a, “piece of cake.” I’m currently about to graduate from college focusing on pursuing a career and he is being brave in the military. For me the distance can be so annoying, worry-some, tiring and just plan long……..but I do it because the relationship we are building is so worth it. 

I’m looking forward to him graduating and being home with me after three long; though, logically three quick years to pass by. I know that this year will be the most challenging because our relationship is fresh.

ImageIf you find dating or having a relationship with someone in the military challenging, please share your thoughts. I hope I’m not alone..


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