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Taking My Kindness For Weakness: Why Men and Women Think It’s Okay

1 Apr

Image Today, I been observing myself and my actions since I been in a relationship. I came to the conclusion that I made some mistakes, which is normal but things become a problem when I feel I’m giving to much and not getting enough in return.

In a relationship you shouldn’t feel like your receiving the back hand. I think it’s important for couples to share the amount of love and respect they have for one another. Don’t we all? We continue to believe in this but time and time again, continue to fall in the same situation that we experienced before. Lets just say, we heard it all before.

What I have observed is that my kindness can get taken for weakness. Once a person see’s your guard down, things become a whole other ball game. For example:

  • Ladies and gentlemen have you ever felt like you giving too much and you are not receiving the same care, compassion, loyalty, and affection?
  • You ever felt like you are starting to worry too often and you are not receiving the same attention?
  • Have you ever felt like, maybe your significant other is trying to tell you something but not directly and you can’t quite figure it out? What ever the cause may be it’s driving you crazy.

Maybe its because you are giving to much of your self when it’s not even necessary. Yes your partner still cares about you, thinks about you and loves you. You may be feeling differentlyImage because, you are loosing your self in the relationship. You need to take the time that you need to think about YOU and appreciate YOU instead of putting your relationship in place of YOU time. IT’S NOT OKAY! For example:

  • Don’t text your partner everyday, all day, all the time.
  • If you send him a message and he or she doesn’t respond when you want, its a sign your investing too much time into one person that isn’t You and you shouldn’t be.
  • If you are constantly complaining to your friends and family about things that don’t need to be discussed and are not a big issue. Leave it alone because your investing too much time.

Yes there is  a limit to “relationship investing,” and you don’t have to make it a full-time job, it can be part-time with a bonus.

ImagePart=partner, Time=half because you fill the whole, Bonus= attention, affection, love, a day good for your relationship if necessary and he or she, attitude is commendable.


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