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Embracing Positivity in the World & From the People around You

20 Jul

positive 2Today is a special day because  I feel like changing my mind, body, and spirit. I’m on a new journey, which means learning new things, by “self reflecting”, and observing the people around me. While experiencing these different challenges and great becoming’s in my life, I figured; why not share my thoughts and my ideas about how I choose to deal with them. I’m sure there are many people who can use some advice. I wish I had some…hahaha (joking).

My advice is to, “embrace positivity in the world and from the people around you.”( Amber )This is very simple but not obvious, because many others, including myself, don’t embrace positivity. Instead a lot of us envy it, neglect it or maybe bored from it. Let me explain.

Envy: Usually when people see another person happy and secure, what does the other person do to make themselves feel secure? They get jealous, find a reason to make it seem unjustified, cry about their problems about why they are not good enough, to make others feel bad. Also, they find a reason not to support the person that is happy and secure.

Neglection: When people find something good, they find a way to ruin it or make up something negative in their head to protect theirpositive 3 heart. Try putting positive thoughts, feelings and emotions in the  air, so you feel more confident in your self being and worth.

Boredom: Lets start with TV, everyone in to these reality shows, I think they are great. It’s the drama, fighting over BS and anger over the dumbest things that drive me crazy. Although, you know why we support it? It’s entertainment when we are bored. Other examples:

  1. Picking an argument with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Boredom
  2. Fighting. Boredom
  3. Find everything going wrong, depression. Boredom.

Simply turn the negativity in to a positive by observing and surround yourself with positivity. Test your self by simply stating the POSITIVE. Example:


  1. Having a long day: MY day was great because I had a great lunch, came home and spent time with my family, even when they drive me crazy I still enjoy having their company.
  2. Missing your Hubby: MY boyfriend is away but I know he is working hard to support us because he is a great man and he is worth it.
  3. Bad day at work: Work today was very entertaining.
  4. Drama with friends or Family: Misery loves company but I am not the one, so I’m going to catch up with one of my good friends or family members later.
  5. And so on…., I hope this sheds some light bulb on your day. Remember to stay positive and let the negativity stray away.

New Drama For The Summer

19 Jul

Ladies!! There are some pretty good shows to check out on TV this summer, with your favorite drama, scandals, laughs, sex, and love. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite.


mistressesMistresses is now my favorite new show this summer. This show is based on the lives of four females friends, who struggle with drama in their life that no woman would ever want to experience, but these women stick together and share all of their problems in their relationships, work, and families. This show is great for women who enjoy mystery, drama, and sex. The show airs on ABC on Mondays @ 10/9c p.m.

The Game

the game 2The TV show, “The Game,” has been around for quite some time now but, it is really doing well by keeping up to date with the quality of characters to relate to many different generations, which keeps me entertained. Great show for those who enjoy football, hot men and women, drama, and laughs. The show airs on BET on  Tuesdays @ 10/9c pm.

Love Thy Neighbor

love thy neighborLove thy Neighbor is a new comedy show by Tyler Perry. It’s extremely funny, dramatic but also  inspiring like most Tyler Perry shows. If you are familiar with Tyler Perry’s entertainment, then you know what I mean. This show airs on Oprah’s network Wednesdays @ 9/8c p.m.

True Blood

true-blood-true-bloodAll I have to say about this show is that sex sells. Every time I watch this show I feel like I’m in between a mixture of a porno and a horror vampire movie. It is entertaining but very juicy… This show airs on HBO Sundays @ 9 p.m.

Devious Maids

devious maidsNow, I just began watching, “Devious Maids.” It caught my interest? I have not tuned in enough yet to become a fan, but it’s drama, mystery, and a interesting story-line about a group of maids who work for rich people and are caught in devious situations (raise eyebrow). This show airs on LIFETIME on Sundays @ 10/9c p.m.

Introducing your boyfriend to the family!

5 Jul


I wonder what other people go through when introducing their boyfriend to their family for the first time. Like, what did Beyonce say to her mother when she found out how old Jay-z was? How the hell do you break that type of news to your parents? What did First Lady Michelle’s mom say to her, when she brought home a guy with the name, Barack Obama? I bet she didn’t think he would end up as one of the most historical, and honored President’s in the world. Now that is some, “Obama for your momma.” What did Linda Bollea’s parents say when she brought home the freaking, Hulk Hogan? :-/ In my case, I feel like it’s:

  • Nerve rackingtina knowles
  • Annoying
  • Rushed
  • Complicated
  • The wrong damn time!

My mother is trying to pressure me into introducing my boyfriend to them, even though we are not ready. I can understand, why they would want to meet him and I realize that they don’t trust me as an adult. They still think I am in high school, but they need to GET OVER IT! Of course I wouldn’t tell my mother and father that to their face.

The man that I am in a great, sustainable relationship with is my best friend and partner. I don’t want anyone or anything getting in the middle of that right now because we are in the process of learning about our relationship our damn selves. Therefore, the reason for not introducing them YET is, because parents can be:

  • Judgmental
  • Egotistical
  • Impatient
  • Awkward
  • Talkative
  • Intimidating
  • Embarrassing
  • Enough Said!

obama and mama I would rather take my time, so my parents don’t drive the both of us crazy. Eventually I would love for my parents to meet my boyfriend but not today…! I’m trying to give it a little more time before they show their narcissistic side. The thought of it freaks me out!


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