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College Graduates Versus College Drop Outs: Is College Really Worth It To Get Your Dream Job and Career?

19 Apr

I recently graduated, with business management as my major. I graduated from a four year college and I am unemployed, like millions of others people today and in the past. I used to think college was the path to a successful job and career. I thought others who graduated college were all successful but I was wrong. I’m learning fast.

I have been unemployed for almost a year now and I have had a lot of time to think and education myself from real life situations, which I consider to be, the best education. There has been so much on my mind since I have graduated; bare with me while I try to even but it into words.

Long story short; I have come to the conclusion that I have wasted time and money going to a four year institute. Why?
After spending much of my time applying to several jobs and searching as to why the hell I am unemployed with a degree fresh out of college, I realized most people without a degree are making more than me right now and know what they want and how to get it because they simply have the knowledge from real life experiences and have job training that I obviously was not given at college.

I’m going to keep this short. I am letting anyone out there, feeling as though they can’t succeed with out an education from a university or four year college, that they are wrong! For any students and graduating students that think they are better or more educated because they went to a university or four year college, you are not better, you just have a sheet of paper that says you have a degree.

I am not belittling education, what I am saying is, ” where and how you get educated has nothing to do with your work ability nor intelligence. It does not make you more qualified nor more likely to succeed in a job nor career.” You as a person determine your success. You can define your own success and the truth is, the more researching, networks, and experiences you have; the better. Don’t put your self in so much debt because colleges and the media are persuading you into expensive, and unrealistic ways of getting an education. There are many successful and rich people that didn’t go to college, barely high school; although it could be the reason the society is so messed up today. People are good at selling people anything they can to live off of others hard earned money. Don’t Believe The Hype!

For anything that you want, Go Get IT! By working for it and taking the time you need to be the best you can at what you want. Don’t let anyone in this world tell you what you can’t do because you can! You can!


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