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What It Takes To Become A Real Man

13 Jan manhood

What is a man really?


A man is not determined by his sense of style, job, sexual preference, sex drive, or physical features. Often times there are many men who seem to depict their manhood by the  amount of sex they have, age, or financial status. There are many cliché, or should I say, “myths” that men use to depict their manhood. Many women have to disagree, which is the problem in many relationships and parenting today.

To determine your manhood, there are many attributes to be observed. Just like women, every man has to do some soul-searching. From every aspect of their life, from childhood to the present and forthcoming. Take the time to grow in to a man instead of jumping into one, making the assumption of what a man is because knowledge is power.  Take the time to define a man of your own stature.

When a boy has learned the importance of becoming a man and their responsibility as a man, they have done some work. When they have learned to respect them selves and others around them, especially women. Men learn to take responsibility for their actions. They learn that money is not the pursuit of happiness but a substance to ensure the care  of themselves and the family they intend to support. They understand their role as a son, a husband and father. Men are not selfish and self-centered. They know and live by  morals and values. Most importantly, they know the importance of having spiritual guidance and the power that a woman withholds.

Not enough boys grow into a man because they are not taught that it takes work and time to grow into a man. They are not taught the responsibility of sacrifice. Boys don’t have leaders that make them aware of this type of pursuit. Instead there are boys raising boys.

The inspiration for this article was the thought of the man who I desire and the difficult search I struggle with trying to find a good man, not the perfect one. I hope women are inspired to set boundaries and make men earn your respect towards them. I hope there are some boys who can be inspired by this post to become better men, then some of the boys that raised them.


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