Demand the Respect You Deserve

23 Feb


As I have gotten older, over time I have realized the reason I have gone through certain situations of disrespect and faced obstacles that always end up not going as planned, because I did not demand the respect I deserved.

I spend so much time inside my head, making assumptions of what people are thinking and whether I am right or wrong.  My habit is to dwell on an issue more than I do resolving an issue.  I always feel as though I am getting the short end of the stick or feel confused about why choices in my life are always limited. I learned recently that playing the victim would not get me anywhere.

It is important to demand what you want by going after it, and creating the life you want to live. Many people don’t believe we have this ability but this is one of God’s blessings. In life you must create boundaries to stay on course and demand what you want. You demand how you are treated, who you want to surround yourself with, and how long you intent to wait on things to happen for yourself.

Some examples on how to demand respect:

Demanding respect is not shown by yelling to get attention. It is not fighting to put fear in others. You Respectdo not demand respect by holding back on unresolved issues. You demand respect by facing an issue with confidence, using words and following through with action. Communicating to someone how you feel and what you want are one of the huge challenges people face. It is not difficult to learn. It takes practice and patience, but once you have gotten it down you found a new strength you did not know you had.

  1. Figure out what it is you want and practice communicating it to others. Be stern in your words.
  2. Do not wait on someone else to make the first step; own what you want and make the initiative to take action.
  3. Change your mind set, by stating what you can and you will do to create change, than what you cannot and may not be able to do.

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