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Winning! 2016 Olympics in Rio

21 Aug

I would like to acknowledge the USA winners of the Olympics this year. The Olympians from the USA are representing the U.S. very well. See Below.

Please also check out some of the female USA winners of 2016 below.

Gwen Jorgenson – Triathlon winner. This was an amazing race to watch.


Simone Biles, Gabbie Douglas, Madison Kocian, Lauren Hernandez, Aly Raisman!

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Volley Ball winners of Bronze Medal

Volley ball

Allyson Felix – Track and Field

track and field, 2016 olympic winners, olympics, Olympics, sports, Allyson Felix, felix

Simone Manuel – Sprint Freestyle Swimming

simone manuel, swimmer, swimming, olympic winner

Never give up on your dreams. These women dedicate them selves every day to accomplish there goals and you can do the same. They are mothers! They are daughters, sisters and wives. They not only represent the USA but they inspire people all over the world. Anything is possible when you just believe in the power that you have within yourself. Take that leap with a positive mindset, a great support system, knowledge and an excellent team.

Be your best self everyday of the damn week! Remember its not about them, it’s about you! When you are your best, people will gravitate to you, so it is not necessary to be a people pleaser, be your own achiever. – Amber p.

I Appreciate you!!!!!!

14 Aug


I would like to thank my followers and supporters who have viewed, liked and commented on my blog post. You are amazing! I am grateful for you!

I started this blog because I wanted to motivate people and connect with people all over the world by being true and enforce my opinions in a positive way.

People are beautiful and when we come together, it is life changing.

I have gained 60 amazing followers who believe and support what I write. I want to let you know that I appreciate you and I hope that more people continue to support #1coffeehouse. This blog is nothing without your support. Every time I see a like, supportive comment, and view, it lets me know I connected with someone.  People out there care about what I have to say.

Your comments are also welcome. I would love to read your thoughts, and what you want to discuss. I am still  growing as a writer and your opinions
are important to me. I want to support you as well.

I wish all of you great success in life!

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Quick: Transformation Guide to a Better You #2

14 Aug

The final steps that will help you live your life in a positive way. Believe in yourself because you can do this.


Take care of the things you possess. This shows gratitude for what you are fortunate enough to have. Meaning, keep your space clean and free from clutter. Clutter can be such a distraction and it can be depressing. Have you ever felt so refreshed after you have cleaned your space. Imagine feeling this daily. If you find this difficult, try cleaning one thing daily to start.

Believe in your purpose with conviction. Pursue the goals you would like to achieve and DO NOT give up. People can be discouraging towards them selves and not even realize it. Don’t discourage yourself, UPLIFT your self. Even in doubt because there is support out here. I am supported every time I share a post on WordPress and I am truly grateful for you all, as my supporters who uplift me and encourage me to keep writing.  

Walk with confidence. Your posture makes a difference in the way you are approached by others and even the way you feel about yourself. When you stand in confidence, you exude strength, resilience, and power. Don’t let anyone or anything take that away from you.

For my personal gain, I pray every day twice daily. Morning and night. Some people are not spiritual and I will not place judgement on your beliefs. I will always encourage prayer but not force it upon anyone because everyone has their own individual journey. 

Remember to always think positive in every moment because your perception is a reflection of YOU. -Amber

Best wishes to you!

Quick: Self Transformation Guide to a Better You

6 Aug

For those who are struggling everyday trying to figure out why your life is not going as planned, take the time to transform your mind set and focus your energy on positivity.

Like you, there were many days and nights I did not understand the direction my life was going. It’s because my life was not going the way I foresaw it and it caused me to think negative and exude negative energy in my daily life. This can make life hard, less enjoyable, and often lonely.

I challenge you to the first step in changing your life.


Rest 8-12 hours daily. 

Eat healthy Foods like : greens, avocado and fruits

Do one thing daily to help another person

One positive change in a person a day can help transform the world, so why not start with you.




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