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Bean Quota of the Day: CHOICES

16 Dec

Don’t be defined or afraid of your choices because they are only lessons and chapters of your life, to give you the wisdom and strength to lead by example. The urge to be persistent and persevere. The knowledge to change and be better than yesterday. The faith to encourage you, not to stray away from what is true, indeed it is the higher power in you to make choices. – Amber P.

Understanding the Course of Life

16 Dec

I have been trying to understand the course of my life and why things happen the way they happen. Why I hurt, why I smile, why I go through the transitions in life of ups and downs and what makes me happy and how to stay happy?

I have come to the realization that life will happen the way it is suppose to whether I agree or disagree. I just have to prepare myself to go along for the ride. I can sit around waiting for things to happen for me or keep moving. Sitting and waiting is too depressing.

Today I am choosing to keep on moving and enjoy my journey.

Now I understand the purpose of meditation and why it is important and how it makes a difference. It helps relax my body, mind and soul, instead of asking for things I want in prayer. I am learning to accept who I am and what I have by being silent and being more concerned about what I feel versus what I see. The more I appreciate who I am, the easier it is to accept who I am.self-improvement-dream-life


2015 Fall Fashion: Sassy but Classy Reversible Dress

17 Oct every occassion dress

I have completed my first reversible, multi-functional dress for basically every occasion. I am happy with the results. I thought I should share. See pictures below.

every occassion dress

Reversible Dress

every occassion dress

Reversible Dress by Amber P.

every occassion dress

Reversible Dress by AP

fall dresses and sweaters

Transitions into a sweater. By AP

Finding Your Dream Career Before College

23 Feb

Let me paint you a picture:

When you first start high school, you don’t have much experience in the work force. You are trying toStudents and Careers figure out who you are, meeting new people and worrying about what college you want to go to because everyone keeps overwhelming you with questions about where you should go for school. You try to sound smart, show off and listen to your parents tell you where you should go because you want to make them proud. You want to make everyone proud and that’s great.

What you don’t know, is whether your parents choice of a career is the right one for you.  You are wondering what it’s like working in the field you dream of and what life may appear to be if you are successful in the profession.  You are concentrated on the result of hard work.

The right solution is to SHADOW A PROFESSIONAL WITHIN THE FIELDS THAT INTEREST YOU.  The truth is many professional are anxious to share their time with someone interested in their profession, as long as they are not too busy with work. I wish I would have thought of this before I went to college. I am happy to share this with everyone who just doesn’t know what they want; it’s okay because you don’t have experience. When you do get the experience, you make decisions based on what you know versus your assumption. Then it will be a great time to decide what college suites you, which saves money and aggravation.

It’s also important for parents to understand that a young individual doesn’t always know what they want by 18 years old. The only way for them to find out is to get the experience. It’s not a good idea to wait, find out now.

Key Tips:

Step 1: Make a list of occupations that you enjoy based on hobbies, course grades, dreams, and achievements.

Step 2: Research these fields, and narrow down the ones that interest you the most.

Step 3: Network, contact companies and professionals in the field, to shadow them throughout the day for a short period of time. This is also a great way to network and set up an internship before everyone else.

Step 4: Be consistent and keep in contact with the professional that works in the field of your interest.

Step 5: Keep your grades high; most likely, knowing your goals and what you want motivates you to do well.  Do not get distracted by following others that tend to slack and do not strive to achieve their future goals.

Good Luck!

Demand the Respect You Deserve

23 Feb


As I have gotten older, over time I have realized the reason I have gone through certain situations of disrespect and faced obstacles that always end up not going as planned, because I did not demand the respect I deserved.

I spend so much time inside my head, making assumptions of what people are thinking and whether I am right or wrong.  My habit is to dwell on an issue more than I do resolving an issue.  I always feel as though I am getting the short end of the stick or feel confused about why choices in my life are always limited. I learned recently that playing the victim would not get me anywhere.

It is important to demand what you want by going after it, and creating the life you want to live. Many people don’t believe we have this ability but this is one of God’s blessings. In life you must create boundaries to stay on course and demand what you want. You demand how you are treated, who you want to surround yourself with, and how long you intent to wait on things to happen for yourself.

Some examples on how to demand respect:

Demanding respect is not shown by yelling to get attention. It is not fighting to put fear in others. You Respectdo not demand respect by holding back on unresolved issues. You demand respect by facing an issue with confidence, using words and following through with action. Communicating to someone how you feel and what you want are one of the huge challenges people face. It is not difficult to learn. It takes practice and patience, but once you have gotten it down you found a new strength you did not know you had.

  1. Figure out what it is you want and practice communicating it to others. Be stern in your words.
  2. Do not wait on someone else to make the first step; own what you want and make the initiative to take action.
  3. Change your mind set, by stating what you can and you will do to create change, than what you cannot and may not be able to do.

What It Takes To Become A Real Man

13 Jan manhood

What is a man really?


A man is not determined by his sense of style, job, sexual preference, sex drive, or physical features. Often times there are many men who seem to depict their manhood by the  amount of sex they have, age, or financial status. There are many cliché, or should I say, “myths” that men use to depict their manhood. Many women have to disagree, which is the problem in many relationships and parenting today.

To determine your manhood, there are many attributes to be observed. Just like women, every man has to do some soul-searching. From every aspect of their life, from childhood to the present and forthcoming. Take the time to grow in to a man instead of jumping into one, making the assumption of what a man is because knowledge is power.  Take the time to define a man of your own stature.

When a boy has learned the importance of becoming a man and their responsibility as a man, they have done some work. When they have learned to respect them selves and others around them, especially women. Men learn to take responsibility for their actions. They learn that money is not the pursuit of happiness but a substance to ensure the care  of themselves and the family they intend to support. They understand their role as a son, a husband and father. Men are not selfish and self-centered. They know and live by  morals and values. Most importantly, they know the importance of having spiritual guidance and the power that a woman withholds.

Not enough boys grow into a man because they are not taught that it takes work and time to grow into a man. They are not taught the responsibility of sacrifice. Boys don’t have leaders that make them aware of this type of pursuit. Instead there are boys raising boys.

The inspiration for this article was the thought of the man who I desire and the difficult search I struggle with trying to find a good man, not the perfect one. I hope women are inspired to set boundaries and make men earn your respect towards them. I hope there are some boys who can be inspired by this post to become better men, then some of the boys that raised them.


Wake up; Dont Give Up

13 May

Don’t give up on life, let the power of God take over. For what you can’t endure, let God be your cure. God is always looking out for you, when no one else is. The problem with the world today is that we don’t talk to God enough, we are so quick to feed into negativity, then pray after it back fires. DON’T WAIT, PRAY NOW! – Amber P.

College Graduates Versus College Drop Outs: Is College Really Worth It To Get Your Dream Job and Career?

19 Apr

I recently graduated, with business management as my major. I graduated from a four year college and I am unemployed, like millions of others people today and in the past. I used to think college was the path to a successful job and career. I thought others who graduated college were all successful but I was wrong. I’m learning fast.

I have been unemployed for almost a year now and I have had a lot of time to think and education myself from real life situations, which I consider to be, the best education. There has been so much on my mind since I have graduated; bare with me while I try to even but it into words.

Long story short; I have come to the conclusion that I have wasted time and money going to a four year institute. Why?
After spending much of my time applying to several jobs and searching as to why the hell I am unemployed with a degree fresh out of college, I realized most people without a degree are making more than me right now and know what they want and how to get it because they simply have the knowledge from real life experiences and have job training that I obviously was not given at college.

I’m going to keep this short. I am letting anyone out there, feeling as though they can’t succeed with out an education from a university or four year college, that they are wrong! For any students and graduating students that think they are better or more educated because they went to a university or four year college, you are not better, you just have a sheet of paper that says you have a degree.

I am not belittling education, what I am saying is, ” where and how you get educated has nothing to do with your work ability nor intelligence. It does not make you more qualified nor more likely to succeed in a job nor career.” You as a person determine your success. You can define your own success and the truth is, the more researching, networks, and experiences you have; the better. Don’t put your self in so much debt because colleges and the media are persuading you into expensive, and unrealistic ways of getting an education. There are many successful and rich people that didn’t go to college, barely high school; although it could be the reason the society is so messed up today. People are good at selling people anything they can to live off of others hard earned money. Don’t Believe The Hype!

For anything that you want, Go Get IT! By working for it and taking the time you need to be the best you can at what you want. Don’t let anyone in this world tell you what you can’t do because you can! You can!

You think you know and seen it all before?

4 Mar


I thought I knew everything I wanted and what was best for me.

I’m learning that I don’t.

Something greater and more powerful has plans for me.

I thought I knew it all but I am finding out that I have not seen it all, to know it all. I thought I wanted all the right things but I have not seen nor done all things right, for me to know all of the right things I want.

I thought I knew love and what love I needed but I have not seen enough love for me to know the love I need.

I am letting you know today, you think you may know but you have no idea. Trust in faith.

Love Don’t Give Up On Me!

27 Feb


How many people ever felt like giving up on love? How many times has love made you look like a fool? When did you first fall in love? Did your first love, love you back? How often did your definition of love change during the course of your relationships?

Many people believe that love is a defining moment in a relationship. It defines how serious the relationship is at the moment. Love defines how long the relationship lasts. Many people think that just because your in a relationship it is, because of love.From my experiences with relationships I learned that love is just the tip of the ice berg, but its not the defining moment, the core of a relationship is commitment.

Committing is something that many people struggle with committing to.So if your hoping that love doesn’t give up on you, commit to someone and something that your willing to commit to that is willing and ready to commit back to you cause we all know, it takes two. You will find that love didn’t give up on you.


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