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Quick: Transformation Guide to a Better You #2

14 Aug

The final steps that will help you live your life in a positive way. Believe in yourself because you can do this.


Take care of the things you possess. This shows gratitude for what you are fortunate enough to have. Meaning, keep your space clean and free from clutter. Clutter can be such a distraction and it can be depressing. Have you ever felt so refreshed after you have cleaned your space. Imagine feeling this daily. If you find this difficult, try cleaning one thing daily to start.

Believe in your purpose with conviction. Pursue the goals you would like to achieve and DO NOT give up. People can be discouraging towards them selves and not even realize it. Don’t discourage yourself, UPLIFT your self. Even in doubt because there is support out here. I am supported every time I share a post on WordPress and I am truly grateful for you all, as my supporters who uplift me and encourage me to keep writing.  

Walk with confidence. Your posture makes a difference in the way you are approached by others and even the way you feel about yourself. When you stand in confidence, you exude strength, resilience, and power. Don’t let anyone or anything take that away from you.

For my personal gain, I pray every day twice daily. Morning and night. Some people are not spiritual and I will not place judgement on your beliefs. I will always encourage prayer but not force it upon anyone because everyone has their own individual journey. 

Remember to always think positive in every moment because your perception is a reflection of YOU. -Amber

Best wishes to you!

Quick: Self Transformation Guide to a Better You

6 Aug

For those who are struggling everyday trying to figure out why your life is not going as planned, take the time to transform your mind set and focus your energy on positivity.

Like you, there were many days and nights I did not understand the direction my life was going. It’s because my life was not going the way I foresaw it and it caused me to think negative and exude negative energy in my daily life. This can make life hard, less enjoyable, and often lonely.

I challenge you to the first step in changing your life.


Rest 8-12 hours daily. 

Eat healthy Foods like : greens, avocado and fruits

Do one thing daily to help another person

One positive change in a person a day can help transform the world, so why not start with you.



Question: What Women Really NEED from a Man..

19 Jun


For a while I have tried to figure out the answer to what I really want from a man. I have came up with a long list.  When I really should have been concentrating on what I need.

Like most young single women we want so much, but are willing to give very little. Then some, give too much while receiving very little in return. This could also be effecting your relationships or lack there of. So I starting thinking what is it twww.1coffeehouse.wordpress.comhat I really need!

Figuring out what I need prevents confusion based on illusions when I am attracted to a guy. It’s like running a mile race with no hints of direction, but you can still see the finish line. You need a guide and ladies your needs may be different from mine. For example, I will state what I need.

I need a man that can protect me from hurt by helping me feel secure in our relationship which means being consistent, persistent and stable. Share intimacy with me that my finger or battery device can’t satisfy nor replace. Provide me with company when I need someone to share my deepest thoughts with. A partner to help me manifest my goals into a reality. Even if I am successful at accomplishing some on my own, there is always room for more. A man that will respect my role as a women instead of taking advantage of me as a woman.

Men if your out there and understand, please come thru.

What I want is different from what I need. Wants can be impractical, illusive, physical and materialistic. It is troublesome and threatening to a male ego. It’s like a man meeting a perfectly good women but he doesn’t notice her because her breast are not enlarged or her butt isn’t big enough compared to Nicki Minaj i.e hurts female ego.

I am not implying that you should settle for less, but focus on what matters most. Do you often think about your needs versus your wants? If so, do you put your needs first?

On another note: I’d like you to take a look at the link below and think about your role as a woman. Also if you are a man, do you agree with Queen Wuraola-Zynab Ogunwusi objection to gender equality?

What It Takes To Become A Real Man

13 Jan manhood

What is a man really?


A man is not determined by his sense of style, job, sexual preference, sex drive, or physical features. Often times there are many men who seem to depict their manhood by the  amount of sex they have, age, or financial status. There are many cliché, or should I say, “myths” that men use to depict their manhood. Many women have to disagree, which is the problem in many relationships and parenting today.

To determine your manhood, there are many attributes to be observed. Just like women, every man has to do some soul-searching. From every aspect of their life, from childhood to the present and forthcoming. Take the time to grow in to a man instead of jumping into one, making the assumption of what a man is because knowledge is power.  Take the time to define a man of your own stature.

When a boy has learned the importance of becoming a man and their responsibility as a man, they have done some work. When they have learned to respect them selves and others around them, especially women. Men learn to take responsibility for their actions. They learn that money is not the pursuit of happiness but a substance to ensure the care  of themselves and the family they intend to support. They understand their role as a son, a husband and father. Men are not selfish and self-centered. They know and live by  morals and values. Most importantly, they know the importance of having spiritual guidance and the power that a woman withholds.

Not enough boys grow into a man because they are not taught that it takes work and time to grow into a man. They are not taught the responsibility of sacrifice. Boys don’t have leaders that make them aware of this type of pursuit. Instead there are boys raising boys.

The inspiration for this article was the thought of the man who I desire and the difficult search I struggle with trying to find a good man, not the perfect one. I hope women are inspired to set boundaries and make men earn your respect towards them. I hope there are some boys who can be inspired by this post to become better men, then some of the boys that raised them.

Finding A Job Is A Pain for Graduates in 2013

19 Jun


Graduates like me are either over qualified or don’t know where the hell we need to begin to find the perfect full-time job that can be beneficial to our dream careers. Time, time, time is flying by and graduates have to make moves. I am one of those graduates and let me tell you from experience, it is no joke. Though, there is success in the end, a dose of the real world is not something I look forward to. Here are a few things you need just to get you started: Take Notes!

  • Alarm Clock!!!
  • Access to a computer and WiFi
  • Resume
  • suite pants or business skirt and modest tops or better yet a blouse and dress shoes
  • positive attitude
  • persistence
  • Remember to always retrieve a business card from the manager to thank them after an interview.

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