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Quick: Transformation Guide to a Better You #2

14 Aug

The final steps that will help you live your life in a positive way. Believe in yourself because you can do this.


Take care of the things you possess. This shows gratitude for what you are fortunate enough to have. Meaning, keep your space clean and free from clutter. Clutter can be such a distraction and it can be depressing. Have you ever felt so refreshed after you have cleaned your space. Imagine feeling this daily. If you find this difficult, try cleaning one thing daily to start.

Believe in your purpose with conviction. Pursue the goals you would like to achieve and DO NOT give up. People can be discouraging towards them selves and not even realize it. Don’t discourage yourself, UPLIFT your self. Even in doubt because there is support out here. I am supported every time I share a post on WordPress and I am truly grateful for you all, as my supporters who uplift me and encourage me to keep writing.  

Walk with confidence. Your posture makes a difference in the way you are approached by others and even the way you feel about yourself. When you stand in confidence, you exude strength, resilience, and power. Don’t let anyone or anything take that away from you.

For my personal gain, I pray every day twice daily. Morning and night. Some people are not spiritual and I will not place judgement on your beliefs. I will always encourage prayer but not force it upon anyone because everyone has their own individual journey. 

Remember to always think positive in every moment because your perception is a reflection of YOU. -Amber

Best wishes to you!

Bean Quota of the Day: CHOICES

16 Dec

Don’t be defined or afraid of your choices because they are only lessons and chapters of your life, to give you the wisdom and strength to lead by example. The urge to be persistent and persevere. The knowledge to change and be better than yesterday. The faith to encourage you, not to stray away from what is true, indeed it is the higher power in you to make choices. – Amber P.

Understanding the Course of Life

16 Dec

I have been trying to understand the course of my life and why things happen the way they happen. Why I hurt, why I smile, why I go through the transitions in life of ups and downs and what makes me happy and how to stay happy?

I have come to the realization that life will happen the way it is suppose to whether I agree or disagree. I just have to prepare myself to go along for the ride. I can sit around waiting for things to happen for me or keep moving. Sitting and waiting is too depressing.

Today I am choosing to keep on moving and enjoy my journey.

Now I understand the purpose of meditation and why it is important and how it makes a difference. It helps relax my body, mind and soul, instead of asking for things I want in prayer. I am learning to accept who I am and what I have by being silent and being more concerned about what I feel versus what I see. The more I appreciate who I am, the easier it is to accept who I am.self-improvement-dream-life



Wake up; Dont Give Up

13 May

Don’t give up on life, let the power of God take over. For what you can’t endure, let God be your cure. God is always looking out for you, when no one else is. The problem with the world today is that we don’t talk to God enough, we are so quick to feed into negativity, then pray after it back fires. DON’T WAIT, PRAY NOW! – Amber P.

You think you know and seen it all before?

4 Mar


I thought I knew everything I wanted and what was best for me.

I’m learning that I don’t.

Something greater and more powerful has plans for me.

I thought I knew it all but I am finding out that I have not seen it all, to know it all. I thought I wanted all the right things but I have not seen nor done all things right, for me to know all of the right things I want.

I thought I knew love and what love I needed but I have not seen enough love for me to know the love I need.

I am letting you know today, you think you may know but you have no idea. Trust in faith.

The Best Woman

19 Aug


Reflecting on my younger days, when I just could never stop smiling. It was like I couldn’t get angry at anyone or anything. I just lived each day as if it were its last. People would call me, “smiley” because every time they seen me I was smiling. The thought of who I was and what I became kind of brings tears to my eyes because I’m not going to lie, I miss that part of me.

I looked so happy that people thought I lived a perfect life but little did they know I did not. I was not perfect at all. Believe me, I had ups and downs like everyone else. There were moments that I would cry myself to sleep and felt alone because I was an only child in the house. There were moments when my parents would argue so bad that I would get scared and pray that my grandmothers who had passed were here with me. Sometimes I would just be in a bad mood and not want to be bothered with anyone but I had company over that I had to entertain and share with but I didn’t want to. Through all of those moments I managed to keep a smile on my face, no matter how the day went. My thoughts had kept me happy, every single day. There is nothing like going through life with a positive mind set. Its like nothing can phases you. Things that normally would drive people off the wall, would only strength me and teach me what I never knew before, but it didn’t anger me. If anything I would feel sorry for the person that was angry. I managed to see the beauty in every one.

Until I got tired. I got tired of me giving and not receiving the same respect in return. I grew angry because I thought that being tough and mean was more healthy. I thought being mad was better because those were the people who got all the attention. I grew distant, sad, sorry and miserable but I hid all those feelings behind men, sex and drinking. I also lost trust in everyone I knew.

You know its amazing how the world around you can destroy your piece of mind in an instant. My piece of mind was my positive thoughts that kept me grounded, positive and people envied me but were too afraid or jealous to admit it, so they tried to break me and hurt me instead. The sad part is that it worked but only for a little while. Long enough to help me realize, I don’t ever want to be like those people who got all the attention because, “all intentions don’t always receive good attention.” (AP) I learned from the best and I am now becoming my best woman. – Amber Patterson

A Message

16 Aug

I was thinking today about relationships and how much energy and time a human being invests in just one relationship. It frustrated me thinking about all of the times I invested in relationships that did not work out but I learned a lot from them along the way.

Then today I started listening to Beyoncé, “me my and I,” lyrics below:

Me myself and I, that’s all I got to till the end. That’s what I found out and it aint no need to cry cause I took a vowel that from now on I’mma be my own best friend.

It got me thinking about relationships, the existence and the distance a relationship is actually supposed to go. I’m talking about any relationship not just between a male and female, not just intimate relationships. I started thinking maybe most relationships have a purpose for the moment but are not intended to last forever.

For example: We tend to get mad or resent a person (one another) because that person just stops talking to us after a certain period of time and we are like wtf! (I didn’t do anything to you for you to ignore me the way you have been. Or I used to like this person but she has changed a lot and I think we just grew apart.) Things just don’t turn out the way we thought they would in the relationship we build together because things just simply changed between our interest and growth.

The example got me thinking we were born here alone, we are taught to sleep and eat on our own, everyone honors those who are “independent,” and self-made. Then why can’t we be happy alone. How do we as people know how to adjust to others personalities and build relationships that are long-lasting, when we are afraid to be our selves, be independent, live on our own and take care of ourselves.

My point is that maybe relationships are supposed to last for just certain moments in life. Most of the time, all you have is your self. Life is hard to deal with if you live your life trying to always satisfy everyone but You! There are certain people who you associate with  for the moment for certain reasons, that you build a relationship with but then eventually you out grow them. So be careful who you call your friends because everyone is not a friend but just a good person to associate with for the moment. In the end you meet a partner that becomes your best friend, then the love of your life because you both have a passion for something so strong that it keeps you both together forever and you build a life together based on all of the lessons that you have learned, so when the family you eventually chose to create grow up and use some of what you instill within them, also what they learn for themselves because everyone is their own person, which is why family must be so important because a piece of the members in your family is in you. Which is why the message, “me myself and I” is so important to understand. – Amber Patterson

Lessons In Life: Learn In life Don’t Let it Break You

9 Aug

Growing teaches you a lot of important lessons about life and I can say that I have definitely learned a lot during the course of 21 years.

The important lessons I learned were to treat others with respect and how to deal with the treatment from others. Every person is different and they are not going to always do things, the way you would like things to happen. From experience there have been a lot of people and moments that have let me down. So many that I started to take that anger and frustration out on people who had nothing to do with the person that caused my attitude to change. When I took that frustration and anger out on others, it only drew them away and I may not have known but they probably questioned my character as well. Believe it or not I was not always this girl who can’t trust, with an attitude and chose to be distant from others because of the fear that trusting in someone for once would back fire. I used to be this really kind, sweet, loyal, happy, friendly person but when I was that age people took my kindness for weakness. Therefore, I had to grow some backbone but now I realize I might have grown a little too much and cut people out of my life that deserved it.  Maybe I was looking for all the wrong things in a person which is not good because those type of characters never usually follow through with anything and are not loyal. So this summer I’ve managed to take a deeper look at myself, in and out. During this process, I grew to really love and appreciate myself as a whole (body, mind, and soul).

I think it is very important as women and men to really learn to appreciate and love your self during the course of your life because it makes life much more understandable and you appreciate everything that you have. Before I used to speak it but not actually look at myself and sometimes admit, I make mistakes and I am Sorry! I am sorry for giving up. I am sorry for taking my pain out on others. I am sorry for feeling sorry for myself and not believing that there is a bigger purpose for life. I appreciate me and my life. I just pray for better days and much success to come.  🙂

Woke up and thought to myself………..

30 Apr

I woke up this morning and thought to myself….

I CANT BELIEVE I AM GOING TO BE 21 YEARS OLD. This is crazy! I know I have my entire life ahead of me but turning 21 is a big step. Culturally and Socially it’s considered to be the age when I become an adult. At 21 I will have the freedom be do whatever I please, when I want and how I want. My parents will rely on me to be able to support myself more financially, physically, and emotionally. I mean, I know they really expecting me to cough of some money to handle some of the bills. Bills of my own of course. Ewww. I don’t know, I’m excited but nervous because a lot is going to change in the course of this year, because time is not waiting on me to figure things out and I’m not trying to hold up time.

I must admit that I have been blessed with a lot during the course of my life, which has not been a very long life, but a successful one. I’M HERE. I am excited about the journey to come. I hope that my journey is positive and healthy for me, so I grow. Though life has had its ups and downs. I have cried and weeped over some boys and made some embarrassing mistakes and had many many mood swings but at the end of the day I have grown to laugh at them and learn from my “moments.” Moments don’t last forever, unless you force it. Long story short, I’m ready to grow into a magnificent women of my own kind. The question is: IS THE WORLD READY FOR ME? 🙂

The Bigger Picture

25 Mar

There are a lot of young girls, who become women, as well as boys that become men, believing it’s their duty to please everyone. Their confidence level is based on other people’s perception of them. Well I hate to break it to you but that is NOT TRUE. A person that exudes confidence does not need others approval to make a decision, or to satisfy ones self. A person with confidence can find happiness within themselves 90% of the time and make decisions that they need or want for themselves. I used to be a person like those young girls and women. Hell who hasn’t! Society teaches you at a young age that people’s perception of you is everything. Society portrays this image through MEDIA. Examples are, BOOKS, MAGAZINES, TELEVISION and MUSIC. It’s all fine and dandy BUT there is more to life than MEDIA and CELEBRITIES, with their images  they have to protect. Don’t get it twisted I love music, reading and television. However, don’t you think there should be an age limit to sharing certain things. What happen to PG rated and the actual news.

Yes it is 2012 and technology is broadening day by day, but this is why we need to be even more careful than before. There are children out their who may not have parents to tell them, it’s just entertainment, or they are good enough by being themselves or teach children how they can make a difference. Children just don’t understand yet, because they have not gone through life experiences enough yet. Those who are women that have, need to set boundaries. I am young myself and I have made many mistakes because i didn’t know the repercussions and I didn’t know who exactly who i was at the time. Now I know that certain experiences that I went through made me the intelligent, sophisticated, loyal and beautiful woman I am today. I also know that I was raised by a wonderful mother and father who were and still are great parents.

When you’re a child you don’t recognize the good, you only see that bad, when you don’t get your way, until you get older and realize life is not so bad, things just take time. When time is due you will shine. However these images of women and men that daughters, sons, little cousins, nephews, nieces and even young mothers and fathers today look up to are just not very inspiring or motivating. Now, I know I said to be your self and be confident but there are just some things that need to be left unsaid and unseen, if you know what I mean… It’s okay to have sex, its okay to be sexy and its okay to dance and rap and sing about whatever, but there is a time and place to do “whatever” and on national television and on the streets and radio just is not the place.

Back than children acted their age and women did just the same. I feel like this day in age, things have reversed because, once again PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO PORTRAY SOMETHING THEY ARE NOT. As well, too much of our business is being displayed as if its everyone’s problem. Everyone is trying to be like everyone else because personal business is made public but why are other people’s small problems important. There are bigger things going on than twitter and Facebook likes. There are bigger things in life besides uploading a picture of your beautiful and handsome faces, while you’re in your room bored. It’s 2012 and we are free, we are living and we are growing, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE BECAUSE THERE ARE STILL BIGGER ISSUES GOING IN AMERICA  AND AROUND THE WORLD?

FYI: I know I do have a blog which is also a type of media and I know I sometimes display certain personal issues that I go through but they are topics that I choose to display and talk about because I know it can make a difference in someone and it can positively affect certain people, but I will have you know that blogging is not my only focus. I will have a business degree by 2013 that I’m working on now and that is my main priority because I made a choice to better myself. I made a choice to hold myself accountable by my sharing my thoughts, while juggling college classes because I’m able to and it is something that is positive. I don’t plan to waste time, because life is short and I hope my readers and followers don’t plan to either. Moral of the post is to follow your dreams and do it with confidence in YOU, but don’t forget where you came from. And even when you remember, give back because every success story has someone who has helped them get to where they are today.


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