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Question: What Women Really NEED from a Man..

19 Jun


For a while I have tried to figure out the answer to what I really want from a man. I have came up with a long list.  When I really should have been concentrating on what I need.

Like most young single women we want so much, but are willing to give very little. Then some, give too much while receiving very little in return. This could also be effecting your relationships or lack there of. So I starting thinking what is it twww.1coffeehouse.wordpress.comhat I really need!

Figuring out what I need prevents confusion based on illusions when I am attracted to a guy. It’s like running a mile race with no hints of direction, but you can still see the finish line. You need a guide and ladies your needs may be different from mine. For example, I will state what I need.

I need a man that can protect me from hurt by helping me feel secure in our relationship which means being consistent, persistent and stable. Share intimacy with me that my finger or battery device can’t satisfy nor replace. Provide me with company when I need someone to share my deepest thoughts with. A partner to help me manifest my goals into a reality. Even if I am successful at accomplishing some on my own, there is always room for more. A man that will respect my role as a women instead of taking advantage of me as a woman.

Men if your out there and understand, please come thru.

What I want is different from what I need. Wants can be impractical, illusive, physical and materialistic. It is troublesome and threatening to a male ego. It’s like a man meeting a perfectly good women but he doesn’t notice her because her breast are not enlarged or her butt isn’t big enough compared to Nicki Minaj i.e hurts female ego.

I am not implying that you should settle for less, but focus on what matters most. Do you often think about your needs versus your wants? If so, do you put your needs first?

On another note: I’d like you to take a look at the link below and think about your role as a woman. Also if you are a man, do you agree with Queen Wuraola-Zynab Ogunwusi objection to gender equality?

You think you know and seen it all before?

4 Mar


I thought I knew everything I wanted and what was best for me.

I’m learning that I don’t.

Something greater and more powerful has plans for me.

I thought I knew it all but I am finding out that I have not seen it all, to know it all. I thought I wanted all the right things but I have not seen nor done all things right, for me to know all of the right things I want.

I thought I knew love and what love I needed but I have not seen enough love for me to know the love I need.

I am letting you know today, you think you may know but you have no idea. Trust in faith.

Love Don’t Give Up On Me!

27 Feb


How many people ever felt like giving up on love? How many times has love made you look like a fool? When did you first fall in love? Did your first love, love you back? How often did your definition of love change during the course of your relationships?

Many people believe that love is a defining moment in a relationship. It defines how serious the relationship is at the moment. Love defines how long the relationship lasts. Many people think that just because your in a relationship it is, because of love.From my experiences with relationships I learned that love is just the tip of the ice berg, but its not the defining moment, the core of a relationship is commitment.

Committing is something that many people struggle with committing to.So if your hoping that love doesn’t give up on you, commit to someone and something that your willing to commit to that is willing and ready to commit back to you cause we all know, it takes two. You will find that love didn’t give up on you.

How Do You Tell Someone Your In Love?

2 Mar

You ever want to tell someone you love how you feel but it’s not the right time?

Right now I’m in a space where I want someone who is loyal, honest, motivating, caring, funny and family oriented in my life. Though I’m in this space; I feel like I met that person, he is my best friend, like a brother, and provide of all the qualities I need. With him I feel so happy and free. While he is not here I feel so sad, lonely, tired and just plain bored with life. When he is around I’m myself, I feel so comfortable, like I’m at ease because I hear his caring and powerful voice. I took him for granted when he was here with me and now that he is gone I have a better understanding of his purpose in my life and I don’t want to ever feel this way again. Problem is I don’t know how to tell him, when he already asked me and I declined because of my own fears.

Bean Quota: Define L.O.V.E 🙂

The Love Day For Happy Singles

15 Feb


This goes out to all the single ladies and gentlemen who have not found the right partner to celebrate Valentines Day with. Yes Valentines Day was yesterday but, #1coffehouse.wordpress.com, made this day; today is officially about sharing the love you already have within you. This day is to take the time to reflect on all those bad dates and crazy relationships and laugh about it. WE WILL OFFICIALLY NO LONGER SWEAT THE NO GOODS *** BUT REFLECT ON OUR OWN HAPPINESS AND POWER WHILE PATIENTLY WAITING FOR THAT WONDERFUL, LOVING, CARING AND COMMITTED PARTNER TO SHARE WITH NEXT VALENTINES DAY.


I’m just saying Valentines Day isn’t all that, but being able to appreciate ones self and take the negative experiences and turn it into a POSITIVE learned lesson. Then we all can agree on sharing The Love Day for Happy Singles. We also have the luxury of choosing how much debt we want to charge on our account. Boy, I got to love me some Amber to the Patterson!

Shout to the Heartbroken Ones, Hello Its 2012

21 Jan

Hello Readers,

I would like to take a moment to shout out all women and men who are going through or recently gone through a heartbreak. I want you to know you do not have to settle for just anyone. Most women and men want to feel appreciated, loved and cared for. “Hell, so do I!” In order to get that control and trust from someone you have to love and respect your self first. You need to know who you are and where you want to be first and that takes time, courage, patience and experiences. If you go through life just accepting what you get, you will never be satisfied. I’m not saying its easy but anyone can do it. When you surround yourself with positive, influential words and people, you can make it through anything. Most importantly you have to learn to forgive, Not forget, but forgive and move forward. Life is too short, be honest with your self, don’t settle because your afraid, settle because you know he or she is the right partner for you.

Bean Quota: Love is powerful but pain goes deeper and you don’t want to waste your time caring for a cheater, man beater, sucker, low life, shall I go on. No more sad love songs about how he or she did you wrong because that’s in the past you have to get prepped for the love that will last and last and last. In the end the past will be the past and it won’t matter who will get the last laugh. Even though I know you will. Hahahaha – Amber Patterson


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